New approach to "valid users" fix

Hansjörg Maurer hansjoerg.maurer at
Sat Aug 12 16:51:17 GMT 2006

Hi Jerry

couldn't resist to test earlier than planed...

With your patch usernames are not shown any more as SID's in the ACL editor.
But I had another strange observation.
I create a file on the samba share as User maurer.
With the 3.0.21 the owner of this file in th ACL editor was
With 3.0.23b and your patch the owner is shown as Unix User\maurer
I suppose that this is intended with the new code?

The I added an ACL for user test,
and the ACL editor shows the user
as DOM\test (even after reopening the ACL editor)
If I close the explorer and reopen it the
ACL is shown as Unix User\test
It seems that this might be a client side caching effect.
But it will be a little strange for the Users to see
ACL added as DOM\username and
saved as Unix User\username after a reopen of explorer.

Is there a way to make a samba AD member server allways show
DOM\username in the ACL Editor when the Unix Nis-User Username
is equal to the Domain Username?

Its no real problem if this is not possible any more.
I would just like to know, if there are any options
I have not seen yet which could restore the old behavior.

Thank you very much


Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

> Hansjörg,
> >I had  problems with the ACL editor (described
> >on wednesday) on an AD member server where all  users
> >(of the AD Domain)  are available on the
> >underlying unix systems as NIS users to (and
> >all groups are only NIS groups)
> >Should I try this patch and report the results to
> >or is my problem completly different.
> Try the second version of the patch I posted.  I think
> it will fix your bug as well.  You can get it from
> cheers, jerry
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