New approach to "valid users" fix

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Sat Aug 12 18:56:53 GMT 2006

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Hansjörg Maurer wrote:

> With your patch usernames are not shown any more as 
> SID's in the ACL editor.


> But I had another strange observation. I create a
> file on the samba share as User maurer.
> With the 3.0.21 the owner of this file in th ACL 
> editor was DOM\maurer.  With 3.0.23b and your patch
> the owner is shown as Unix User\maurer
> I suppose that this is intended with the new code?

Yeah.  But I think I still have a few more kinks
to smooth out.

> Is there a way to make a samba AD member server
> allways show DOM\username in the ACL Editor when
> the Unix Nis-User Username is equal to the Domain
> Username?

You're running winbindd without idmap ranges?  I'm
seeing the same behavior right now on a member server
in a Samba domain with 'winbind trusted domains only
= yes'.  This previously worked.

> Its no real problem if this is not possible any more.
> I would just like to know, if there are any options
> I have not seen yet which could restore the old behavior.

It's a pretty big bug actually if you copy files from
the Samba box to a local NTFS partition on a Windows
client.  We'll have to fix this, but I need to think
about it some.

cheers, jerry
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