[SAMBA4] Using ldb_map for pure translations

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Aug 3 12:26:37 GMT 2006

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Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> Martin,
> I've been looking over the ldb_map module, with an aim to use it for
> mapping Samba4 onto OpenLDAP (much as your SoC project aims to do), and
> I'm looking for some advise.
> My aims are (as usual) more limited:  I want to (for now) map exactly
> one attribute (objectGUID) onto another (entryUUID), and to leave all
> other entries alone.  
> I started on an entryUUID module, but I'm wondering if we should either
> have lots of extra logic in the current ldb_map to cope with never
> reading a local database, or create a new module, sharing many of the
> support routines (which replace values in the parse tree).
> My initial attempts are attached. 
> What do you think?
> If we can make this work, I would like to merge your ldb_map code into
> the mainline.  What is the best way to do this?  
> Jerry: what are the SVN rules?

Hey Andrew,  Sorry for the delay (and missing you on IRC).

hooks/svnperms.conf says:

[samba groups]
releasemgr = jerry jelmer samba-bugs
svnadmin = root
tagadmin = jerry jelmer
soc = brad amit skel asser kalim sree

hooks/.* = *() @svnadmin(add,remove,update) @soc()
trunk/.* = *(add,remove,update) svnanon() @soc()
tags/[^/]+/.* = *() @tagadmin(add,remove,update) @soc()
tags/[^/]+/ = *(add,remove,update) svnanon() @soc()
tags/DAY_ZERO.* = *()
branches/[^/]+/.* = *(add,remove,update) svnanon() @soc()
branches/[^/]+_RELEASE/.* = *() @releasemgr(add,remove,update)
     svnanon() @soc()
branches/SOC/..* = *(add,remove,update) svnanon()
test/dummy = *(update) svnanon() @soc()
[^/]+/ = *()

So you'll need to apply the patch for Martin.

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