Samba 2.2.12 cannot transfer files bigger than 2GB ???

Agda Maria Galli Cartolano acartolano at
Mon Sep 26 19:13:23 GMT 2005

Thanks for your reply, Jason...
Can I solve or bypass this problem upgrading SAMBA to 3.0.11?


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I have come across this in every instance using Samba & the FTP 
protocols between linux and windows machines.  I do not believe there is

a fix for it unless someone knows something I do not.

Agda Maria Galli Cartolano wrote:

>Hello good people!
>I need some urgent help...
>I am using samba to transfer files from Windows XP to Solaris 9 (which
>is 64 kit) and I cannot transfer files bigger than 2 GB.
>Is this a Samba limitation? How can I bypass this limitation?
>Thank you so much for your attention,

Jason Gerfen

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