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Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Sun Sep 18 02:29:02 GMT 2005

Hi Tridge,

--- tridge at wrote:
> The reason this matters is that for embedded systems (which
> essentially ReactOS is from our point of view) we need to use a
> different compiler for building the build tools (like the asn1
> compiler) from what we use to build the Samba binaries.

Forgive my improper usage of host/target. GNU tools never seem clear on this....

I am afraid this is still not going to work for any platform. The problem is the heimdal source
and tools still import the top level samba config.h which is configured for the mingw target. We
have a few options. 

1. Remove build generated code. 
Unacceptable if we need to import 3rd party code at some other point.

2. Adapt the hemidal source a bit to support host and target tools. 
This is a pain because I expect we will face this problem again. We may need a two pass configure.

3. Add a option like Wine has for cross-compiling. --with-samba-tools=
If you want to cross-compile Wine for any target it requires you to have two copies of the source

In tree one you do the following to build the native tools ./configure && make tools
Then in tree two you do ./configure --host=mingw32 --with-wine-tools=/path/to/tools

This is kind of a pain but seeing as how very few cross-compile I think its a acceptable method.


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