Samba Ldap sync

Paul Neeley Paul.Neeley at
Wed Sep 7 22:40:11 GMT 2005


I have  compiled Samba  3.0.11 on solaris 2.9 and running with start_tls 
with  SunOne DS5.2_Patch_3.   I currently have samba clients 
authenticating against the sun one directory server and it works.   
Users can also log in to the solaris box and using smbpasswd can change 
their sambantpassword and sambalmpassword. They are also able to change 
their ldap passwd via the solaris passwd command.

I have ldap passwd sync set to yes, but the ldap password never gets 
changed and I am unable to see any failures in the ldap access logs.
Do these 3 password get changed during the same LDAPS connection?  

Hope someone has some ideas, I have been at this for about a month or so. 

Here is my smb.conf

     security = user
     encrypt passwords = yes

     netbios name = GSN1
     server string = DRI Group Server #1 North
     workgroup = NNSC
     name resolve order = hosts bcast
     load printers = no
     show add printer wizard = no

     interfaces = 10.10.30

     log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
     log level = 10

     # ldap related parameters
     passdb backend = ldapsam:ldap://
     ldap passwd sync = yes
     ldap delete dn = no
     ldap admin dn = "uid=samba_servers,ou=people,dc=dri,dc=edu"
     ldap server =

     ldap ssl = start_tls
     ldap port = 389
     ldap suffix = "dc=dri,dc=edu"
     ldap user suffix = "ou=people,dc=dri,dc=edu"
     ldap filter = "(&(uid=%u)(objectclass=SambaSamAccount))"

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