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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Sat Sep 3 17:06:15 GMT 2005

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Chris Nicholls wrote:
|> Ok, so long as libmsrpc is disabled once I merge (replace)
|> and we can fix and rebuild as we go I'm cool with it.
| That works for me as well. I'll start taking a look
| at the new rpcclient stuff to get a feel for it.

ok.  The code is in SAMBA_3_0 but only built by 'make everything'

| Also, has anyone taken a look at the changes to
| source/ in  the libmsrpc patch? I'm not sure
| if I jacked into it 'properly'. I created variables
| CAC_OBJ and CAC_PICOBJ for the object files and
| created a rule cac which builds and links
| bin/ and bin/libmsrpc.a.  Then I added 'cac'
| to the SHLIBS variable. I called it cac because there
| was already a rule to create libmsrpc.a
| (which I don't think was actually doing anything)
| and  a LIBMSRPC_OBJ variable, it should probably be
| changed from cac to libmsrpc.
| If I didn't do things the proper way it should
| be fixed as well.

I looked at it and it will need to be cleaned up
some.  Mostly just copy the configure checks for whether
to build libsmbclient or not.  We also need to fix
some build issues with the valgrind headers and
when linking in an ads enabled build.

cheers, jerry
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