libmsrpc patch

Chris Nicholls skel at
Fri Sep 2 22:53:32 GMT 2005

>Ok, so long as libmsrpc is disabled once I merge (replace)
>and we can fix and rebuild as we go I'm cool with it.
That works for me as well. I'll start taking a look at the new rpcclient 
stuff to get a feel for it.

Also, has anyone taken a look at the changes to source/ in 
the libmsrpc patch? I'm not sure if I jacked into it 'properly'. 

I created variables CAC_OBJ and CAC_PICOBJ for the object files and 
created a rule cac which builds and links bin/ and 
bin/libmsrpc.a.  Then I added 'cac' to the SHLIBS variable. 

I called it cac because there was already a rule to create libmsrpc.a 
(which I don't think was actually doing anything) and  a LIBMSRPC_OBJ 
variable, it should probably be changed from cac to libmsrpc.

If I didn't do things the proper way it should be fixed as well.


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