Request for a list of Samba 4 features that need QA attention

Kaplan, Marc marc_kaplan at
Sat Oct 29 22:26:20 GMT 2005

Samba 4 Developers:

I think it would be a good idea to maintain a running list of areas in
Samba 4 that need QA attention. I personally have some free time shaking
loose soon, and I'd like to use it to give Samba 4 some testing

To start with, just an e-mail listing the areas that could use some QA
would work just fine; but perhaps it would be useful to maintain a
webpage listing these items for the future. Maybe the webpage could take
a blog format using the already extant blog code?

Note if there are areas in Samba 3 that also need QA attention, it would
be useful to know about those too since I will be doing comparison
testing between Windows, Samba 3, and Samba 4 when I hit what I think is
a Samba 4 bug.

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