Samba 4.0 questions

Krishna Ganugapati krishnag at
Wed Oct 26 18:15:13 GMT 2005

I just took a look at the Samba 4.0 SVN - nice to see an integrated KDC with an LDAP server. My question is as follows.

1) Given that a member server (non DC) doesn't run a KDC, I'm assuming that at configure time, I get the option whether to build a member server or a domain controller - is this the case?

2) The documentation says that you can join a Win2K or WinXP box to a  Samba 4.0 domain controller, but won't client based secure dns updates be broken given that BIND does not support gss TSIG

3) Will the Samba LDAP server 
    a) support NT security descriptors?
    b) multiple naming contexts
    c) dynamic schema updates

4) Is the LDAP server a fresh effort or are you leveraging OpenLDAP?

Thanks very much


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