smbd restarting repeatedly

Jeremy Allison jra at
Thu Oct 27 01:22:05 GMT 2005

On Wed, Oct 26, 2005 at 01:03:00PM -0500, Sean Dunn wrote:
> I have a problem with Samba that I'd like to see if anyone's familiar
> with.. The symptoms are that smbd restarts intermittently, usually at
> the end of a VFS operation that takes some time to accomplish (a rename
> operation). In this case, I have two VFS modules running that I've
> written myself. One logs the rename to a separate file, and one is an
> opaque module that does some file maintenance during the rename. Smbd
> doesn't restart if I run these modules separately, and the modules do
> not have interdependencies that I can identify. The thing is, though,
> that it is intermittent - it's possible that it could happen when I only
> run one of the VFS modules, but I'm not getting it to trigger.
> So either one of the VFS modules is crashing smbd, or samba is choosing
> to restart smbd on its own. So I have a couple questions..

Set up a "panic action" to call /bin/sleep 999999 (that's what
I have in all my smb.conf's). If smbd crashes you'll see the
sleep process. They you can attach to its parent with gdb
and get a backtrace. That'll tell you what is happening.


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