smbd restarting repeatedly

Sean Dunn sean at
Wed Oct 26 18:03:00 GMT 2005

I have a problem with Samba that I'd like to see if anyone's familiar
with.. The symptoms are that smbd restarts intermittently, usually at
the end of a VFS operation that takes some time to accomplish (a rename
operation). In this case, I have two VFS modules running that I've
written myself. One logs the rename to a separate file, and one is an
opaque module that does some file maintenance during the rename. Smbd
doesn't restart if I run these modules separately, and the modules do
not have interdependencies that I can identify. The thing is, though,
that it is intermittent - it's possible that it could happen when I only
run one of the VFS modules, but I'm not getting it to trigger.


So either one of the VFS modules is crashing smbd, or samba is choosing
to restart smbd on its own. So I have a couple questions..


- Are there any states or options in the smb.conf that specify a timeout
or CPU% that will trigger Samba to restart smbd for a connection? I
can't find anything in the documentation/googling.


- This has only started happening very recently, up until which it
hasn't exhibited any problems. Now, the big red-letter event that HAS
happened, is that nmbd has been jacked up to 90+% because we had a
Windows machine that was spewing NetBIOS UDP broadcasts, looking for a
machine that doesn't exist. In the case that nmbd is being thrashed, is
that known to cause smbd instability?


Thanks for any advice you might have..





Sean Dunn

Tools Programmer

Troublemaker Digital


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