[PATCH] Shared samba build

Peter Novodvorsky nidd at myxomop.com
Wed Oct 26 13:00:57 GMT 2005

>>>>> On Wed, 26 Oct 2005 14:47:29 +0200
>>>>> "JV" == Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer at vernstok.nl> wrote:
JV>  Hi Peter!
JV> Peter Novodvorsky wrote:
JV> - Make a distinction between subsystems that are a part of
>> another JV> subsystem (NDR_RAW, etc). JV> - All libs that are not
>> part of another subsystem (those that have JV> MAJOR_VERSION and
>> MINOR_VERSION set) will become shared libs if JV> the OS supports
>> it. They'll be installed with Samba as well as JV> their specified
>> headers.
>> I prefer that builder should have a choice in almost everything
>> including build types. If he wants shared we give him shared, if he
>> wants static, we give static, because there can be a lot of
>> applicances for samba where different builds are needed.
JV>  There's no point in building *everything* shared. For example,
JV> LIBNDR makes sense as a shared library, but there's no point in
JV> also building NDR_RAW and NDR_COMPRESSION as shared libs. They
JV> should be included in libndr.so.

Yes, of course, but we should provide as much flexibility as we
can. Another part of the problem that appears to be build system
problem too is module loading/building. 

Does anyone use loadable modules now?


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