Heimdal prototype problem on OpenVMS

Love lha at kth.se
Sat Oct 22 04:50:59 GMT 2005

"John E. Malmberg" <wb8tyw at qsl.net> writes:

>> Add the missing autoconf tests ? The all compat functions are wrapped in
>> #ifndef statements, and they need autoconftest to not be defined.
> Configure is currently barely on speaking terms with me.  I have
> already notice that it's standard method of testing is with out the
> standard header modules present.

For wierd platforms, ie non unix :), like probably easier to have a static
config.h that gets copied to the right place when building.

> Is there an interest in fixing Configure so that it actually is doing
> the tests in a way that are more likely to not have false failures?

So the problem with configure is no longer that its entenched with sh but
rather something else ?

>> Or simply remove them from roken.h if they are not used by the
>> kerberos/gssapi library.
> Because the current build seems to create some source code on the fly,
> and I have yet to get a build done, I do not know if they are needed.
> A simple search of the source code seems to indicate that they are not used.

Check config.h.in, it should contain enough clue if the define is needed or


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