Heimdal prototype problem on OpenVMS

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at qsl.net
Fri Oct 21 00:58:41 GMT 2005

Andrew Bartlett wrote:

>>The OpenVMS behavior is to provide backwards compatibility with source 
>>code written before the ANSI and X/Open Standards.  Or to provide a bug 
>>compatible behavior that older programs came to expect before it was 
>>realized that it was a bug.
>>Because of that, it is likely that other platforms that also need to 
>>provide backwards compatibility are not ending up with the optimal 
>>results from running Configure.
> It sounds like a good first start would be to get upstream Heimdal to
> correctly build on OpenVMS, so we have a baseline to work from.

It should not be too hard for me to locally hack around those definitions.

>>Also, since OpenVMS already has Kerberos V5 included, do I even need to 
>>build the Heimdal version?
> We use a specially hacked local version of Heimdal, because we need to
> know some particular behaviours, and have certain plugin-points not
> available in the system libraries.

I am basically ignorant of Kerberos other than the name, so I do not 
know the significance of the name Heimdal in relation ship to the MIT 
version.  I do know the OpenVMS version is MIT based and Open Source, so 
it may be feasible for me to get the modifications put into it that 
Samba needs once I find out what they are.

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