"security = domain" lists more groupmembers than "security = ads"

Pavel Rochnyack rpv at muma.tusur.ru
Tue Oct 18 04:20:56 GMT 2005

Hello samba-technical,

I have described such behavior in Bug 2658, but I say only about "net"
utility. Primary user group not included into "memberOf" parameter and specified only by
Group ID in LDAP tree but "net ads user info" don`t search it.

KS> "Security = ads" only enumerates the mebers of
KS> the group, not the users which have it as their
KS> primary group.

I get the same result on my samba 3.0.20 + W2k3.

KS> The question is whether winbindd should do the
KS> second ldapsearch request, too. This means to
KS> behave different to Linux, but like Windows.

I think it need to do second request.
I already posted patch to fix "net" utility. Maybe anybody looks it?

Best regards,
 Pavel                            mailto:rpv at muma.tusur.ru

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