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Hot_St0ck Newsletter - October Issue, 2005 

In this issue we are going to profile a 
company involved in the Red Hot homeland 
security sector, and also recently entering the 
Oil/Energy Industry! This company's st0ck is very 
much undervalued considering the potential of the 
industries and the position of the company. 
(The perfect time to get in) 

This small treasure is: VNBL (Vinoble, Inc.) 

A Huge PR campaign expected this week so act quick 
grab as much as you can, earlier the better. 
We all know it's the big announcements that make 
these small gems move. 


Company: VNBL (Vinoble, Inc.) 

St0ck Symbol: VNBL . OB 

Current Price: $O.7 
2-3 Day Target:$0.12


Expect a Steady Price Jump Monday and all This Week! 

We expect the price to go to $O.14 in next week 
We expect the price to go to $O.30 in next 3 weeks.

About the company: 

Vinoble, Inc. is a holding company, which is 
identifying and acquiring operational business 
opportunities in the areas of homeland security, 
security information systems, and other security 
services to provide long term growth for its 
shareholders.  Vinoble believes that the opportunity 
to build a successful business in the security sector 
is unprecedented. 

The terror attacks on the United States on 
September 11, 20O1 have changed the security 
landscape for the foreseeable future. Both physical 
and logical security have become paramount for all 
industry segments, especially in the banking, 
healthcare and government sectors. While the focus 
for Vinoble is on North America, the opportunity 
for security services is worldwide. According to 
Giga, a wholly owned subsidiary of Forrester 
Research, worldwide demand for information 
security products and services is set to eclipse $46B 
by 2O05. 

Vinoble intends to capitalize on the dramatic 
growth in the security market by delivering 
professional services, security products, security 
training, and managed security services. In pursuit 
of this objective, Vinoble has assembled a highly 
qualified team of security professionals offering a 
full range of security services. Through Vinoble's 
consulting services and integrated delivery 
solutions, Vinoble will help organizations protect 
key assets including persons, property, information, 
brand, and reputation. 

Please read why we believe VNBL will give big returns 
on investment: 

* At this time much of VNBL's focus is on RFID 
(Radio frequency identification) technology.  This 
is technology which uses tiny sensors to transmit 
information about a person or object wirelessly. 

* VNBL is developing a form of RFID technology 
which allows companies and governments to 
wirelessly track their assets and resources.  Such 
technology has HUGE potential in the protection 
and transportation of materials designated "High 
Risk" were they to fall into the wrong hands. 

* VNBL works on integration of the two afore 
mentioned systems in order to create "High Security 
Space" in locales where it is deemed necessary. 
Locations which may take advantage of such 
systems are airports, sea ports, mines, nuclear 
facilities, and more. 

***H O T - N E W S*** 

Vinoble to Enter the Oil and Gas Sector 

MALIBU, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 6, 2005-- 
Vinoble, Inc. (OTCBB:VNBL - News), a holding company 
seeking to identify long-term growth opportunities in 
the areas of homeland security, security information 
systems, and other security services is pleased to 
announce the Company's management is in the final 
evaluation and negotiation on a highly prospective 
oil and gas project which is expected to be completed 
in the near future. 

Vinoble announced its intent to 
offer products and services that will assist in the 
automation of the identification and control of 
equipment, assets, tools, and the related processes 
used in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries. 

As with other RF based technology applications, RFID 
can also provide the safe transit of materials by 
only the authorized handler, and limit the entry of 
personnel to specific locations. Ensuring personnel 
safety is essential, should there be an emergency at 
a facility, RFID tags would enable the customer to 
track and evaluate its employee's safety and/or 
danger. This application technology requires product 
and hardware that can operate in harsh and 
potentially hazardous conditions while giving 
valuable safety to the resources and assets that are 
vital to the customer. RFID can also assist the 
customer's supply chain by tracking oil, gas, and 
chemical products from extraction to refining to the 
sale at the retail level. 

We believe that this is great news for VNBL.  Just at 
the time when more domestic oil operations are 
starting up, VNBL comes in with a great product. 

Goto your favorite finaicial website and read all 
the latest news from this company!!

This is one to watch Monday and Tuesday! 
Put it on your Radar Screen Now! 
Please watch this one trade all week! 

Go VNBL!!! 

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