Interested in uClinux patches?

Robin Getz rgetz at
Sun Oct 16 02:41:47 GMT 2005

I looked around, and didn't see any previous discussion, if there has been 
sorry for the noise.

There have been a few people who have made minor modifications to samba 
(both mount and server) to uClinux, to support uClinux/uClibc/no-mmu 

Source (based on 3.0.13) exists in CVS at:

Most changes are similar to :

Where the function daemonize() has been ifdef'ed due uClinux's lack of fork.

For people unfamiliar with uClinux, there is a good paper on the topic at

We use it for a audio player - mount a Windows share where Audio file 
exist, and play them via a web interface.

I can extract a patch, make sure it applies to cvs for 3.0.20, and send 
here if you are interested in merging it with the svn here? Otherwise - we 
will just continue to maintain things out of tree.


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