VFS modul - understanding operations - help needed

Mario Minati mario at minati.de
Thu Oct 13 22:37:50 GMT 2005

Hello @all,
I try to develop some software which is aware of files and directories 
being created, edited, renamed and deleted.
My final goal is to start automatic conversion of files based on these 
events and  to create some kind of autoversioning or bridging from samba 
to subversion.

Now my problem:
At the moment I am quite confused by the load of operations created by 
e.g. a new directory. While I am monitoring samba with the full_audit 
VFS modul I get no mkdir. The only message that is somehow connected to 
that new directory is open with 'w' flag. The unlink operation is an 
other example, in a few minutes of surfing through the dir tree I get a 
few hundreds of them without deleting anything.
So I would like to know where I can find out about when which operation 
is called.
Is there some information in the sourcecode? I only read the modules 
files so far and I couldn't find any usefull informations in the CIFS 
documentation or the other samba developer doucments.

I am thankfull for any hints or tipps. :-)


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