libmsrpc status

Chris Nicholls skel at
Thu Oct 13 02:19:32 GMT 2005


I was able to look over the rpc_client code in trunk and come up with a 
plan for getting libmsrpc to work with it.
What i plan to do is create a macro GET_PIPE() which will be used like:

struct rpc_pipe_client *pipe;
pipe = GET_PIPE(hnd, PI_*); /*hnd is the CacServerHandle*/

if(!pipe) ...

The macro will first check the internal server handle members to make 
sure there is an open session on the pipe, and if there is, go through 
the linked list in the struct cli_state to get a reference to the struct 
rpc_pipe_client.  Every function will use the macro to get it's 
reference, so this should help with any future changes as well, all we 
need to do is update the macro to reflect the change.

After that i need to change the cli_nt_session_open() calls to the new call.

As for a timeframe, i think it should only take a couple hours to change 
all the functions.  I think I can start on it tonight and spend a few 
hours on it tomorrow.  So hopefully i'll have it done tomorrow.   I have 
a midterm on saturday morning (i know.. it's got stank written all over 
it ;) ). So I won't be able to get any work done on friday. If I can't 
finish it up tomorrow, then It should be done on saturday.

Should I commit my changes into trunk? do I even have access to commit 
to trunk? I was able to checkout, hopefully I got the path right, i used 


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