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Tue Oct 11 12:07:01 GMT 2005

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Roland Gruber wrote:

| once again, I had no success in getting
| information about some LDAP details from
| this list. As developer of LDAP Account
| Manager I often need detailed information
| about the Samba LDAP attributes.
| I think it is important that developers of
| the various Samba tools always get the latest
| information about the development of Samba. It
| would be great if there would be a real person
| who we could contact directly. This person should
| inform us about new developments like schema
| changes, too.
| Would you be interested in defining such a
| person as direct contact for tool developers?
| I think this would make things much easier than always
| writing to this mailinglist.
| This should be in your interest, too. This way the
| tool developers would be able to support the latest
| Samba features in short time.

Hey Roland,

Did this email overlap with the thread about
the logon hours?  I see Simo answered that one.

If you like, in the future just ping me directly and
I'll try to keep you in the loop.

cheers, jerry
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