Help for developers of Samba tools

Roland Gruber post at
Mon Oct 10 13:51:30 GMT 2005

Hi Samba developers,

once again, I had no success in getting information about some LDAP
details from this list. As developer of LDAP Account Manager I often
need detailed information about the Samba LDAP attributes.

I think it is important that developers of the various Samba tools
always get the latest information about the development of Samba. It
would be great if there would be a real person who we could contact
directly. This person should inform us about new developments like
schema changes, too.

Would you be interested in defining such a person as direct contact for
tool developers? I think this would make things much easier than always
writing to this mailinglist.

This should be in your interest, too. This way the tool developers would
be able to support the latest Samba features in short time.

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