KDC built in or out of smbd

Marc Balmer marc at msys.ch
Wed Nov 30 08:56:29 GMT 2005

* Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> In terms of host separation, unfortunately the assumptions in the Active
> Directory modal include that the LDAP server, KDC, RPC servcies and a
> fileserver (for the netlogon share at least) must reside in the same
> place.

Having the LDAP server, KDC, RPC services, and fileserver on the same
host mandatory would be a major drawback.  At least for the LDAP and
KDC it should be possible to run them on different machines.

Then, some operating systems come with their own KDC, like OpenBSD,
there you want to use the KDC that comes with the system.

- Marc Balmer (OpenBSD Samba maintainer)

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