samba printing problems

Jens Appel Jens-list1 at
Wed Nov 23 11:08:46 GMT 2005


we use a samba-3.0.20b on FreeBSD 5 Stable a printserver with
printing = bsd.  The printserver act as a member of a pdc with
samba and windows 2000 clients.

Now the problem is that some users (not all) cannot print
pdf dokuments larger than 1 side. If the user reboot his
computer, he is able to print a pdf (with more than 1 side)

We traced the communication between the windows 2000 clients and
the printserver. The clients close the connection before he send
any data. All responses from the printserver are succesed.

There is also a message in the syslog:
Nov 21 11:40:37 printserver smbd: Permission denied-- user not
 allowed to delete, pause, or resume print job. User name: 
 woehling. Printer name: ps1.

Any ideas?

Jens Appel
Email:		Jens-list1 at
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