Nadav Danieli nadavd at
Tue Nov 22 22:52:27 GMT 2005

On Tue, 2005-11-22 at 19:48, Jeremy Allison wrote:

> Which smbtorture are you using ? The Samba4 one or Samba3 ? Can
> you give me the command line params you're using so I can reproduce
> this ?
> Thanks,
> 	Jeremy.

Once agin I have to apologize for talking about about samba with no
reason to do so.
The "blocking locks" and "locking" parameters were both "no", and are
required for this test. With a minimal conf file the test runs well.
As for the race condition, I can only live with those that do not
happen, those that do I fix. It has no overhead over current
implementation, does the job right, and actually has 2 less lines of
code (3.0.7 source)

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