support for mknod to windows now in cifs vfs

Martin Koeppe mkoeppe at
Sun Nov 20 22:51:50 GMT 2005

On Fri, 18 Nov 2005, Steve French wrote:

> I added the code to cifs vfs to enable it do mknod of block and chardevice 
> even if the server does not support the Unix extensions (such as Windows). 
> This requires the "sfu" mount option to be specified and these will be 
> recognized in Windows in the services for unix shells.   There is also code 
> now in the cifs vfs that can retrieve the special mode bits (the three above 
> 0777) but not set them yet.
> This code is in the cifs-2.6.git tree on   I will make a tar.gz 
> of current cifs code later in the week.

For the mapping of the lower 9 mode bits to NT security entries, I 
just found a good description from Corinna at

I encountered the same ACE reordering in explorer with sfu files, but 
didn't think about these deny entries enough. At least in this regard, 
cygwin and sfu seem to be compatible. So, Steve, this may be 
interesting to you for implementing chmod.

And it might be of interest to the samba people, if they decide to 
implement an sfu option on the server side.


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