Visual C++ crashing using precompiled headers on a Samba drive.

Jeremy Allison jra at
Thu Nov 3 23:39:02 GMT 2005

Hi all,

	Bill Hilf of Microsoft helpfully sent me this information
about the problems people were having with Visual C++ compilations
crashing on a Samba drive (when the "allocation roundup" parameter
is left at the default setting).

Bill Hilf wrote :

> So the compiler team has been educating me on the sensitivity of PCH's.
> Since a PCH is just a dump of memory that the compiler is using at a
> specific point in the compilation process, the only supported scenario
> is using the PCH on the same machine (same compiler, same OS) that it
> was created on.    So, according to the compiler guys, if the PCH is
> created on a Samba share and then used from the same Samba share (same
> computer, OS, toolset) then they would expect that it should work
> because to the compiler it is just another binary file - it *shouldn't*
> care what type of drive it is.

So - the real info is that pre-compiled headers are only supported
by VC++ on the same machine that creates them. If you create a project
on a local drive and then copy it to a Samba share it may fail. If
you want pre-compiled headers to work create the project on the
Samba share to start with (or set "allocation roundup = 0").

Thanks to Bill for this info,


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