net rpc vampire performance

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Fri May 27 18:19:39 GMT 2005

>I wouldn't expect that many people will use a somehow site-specific
>ldif-output. I can see how you figure out which base-DN you can use and
>to store users, groups and computers.
The same way that we already do with the ldap backend...from smb.conf.  The
result of this output, after running ldapadd/modify, should not be
substantially different than running net rpc vampire using ldapsam, except
that it will take a fraction of the time.

>But how do you handle existing
>users/groups, how can you specifiy additional options (objectclasses like
>posix or kerberos), how can I sort my large database in several
>Do you handle merging of existing and new accounts (which means you'd need
>contact ldap)?
This is not meant to be a panacea, and a "generic" output doesn't solve
this problem whatsoever.  This is meant to improve the basic case, and more
complex cases require more intervention.  The benefit provided to these
more complex cases is that there is some kind of output that can be
massaged if need be.

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