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Sat May 28 14:10:06 GMT 2005

Am Freitag, 27. Mai 2005 20:19 schrieb Jim McDonough:
> >But how do you handle existing
> >users/groups, how can you specifiy additional options (objectclasses like
> >posix or kerberos), how can I sort my large database in several
> containers?
> >Do you handle merging of existing and new accounts (which means you'd need
> to
> >contact ldap)?
> This is not meant to be a panacea, and a "generic" output doesn't solve
> this problem whatsoever.  This is meant to improve the basic case, and more
> complex cases require more intervention.  The benefit provided to these
> more complex cases is that there is some kind of output that can be
> massaged if need be.

Sure, and we will be one of the first using this. We've seen vampire quitting 
with an error after 2 days because of an invalid account, this woun't take so 
much time again...

I just expected that a "generic" output would be easier and more flexible. I 
hope to find time looking into the code, maybe a good starting point for me.

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