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Ignacio Coupeau icoupeau at
Thu May 26 08:30:10 GMT 2005

ved from the domain, simply the attributes are not
>>changed at this time.
> So this should probably go into the docs, one question remains though.
> Do logons work when the master is down?

Very fine indeed... several times we have been forced to switch off the 
master for maintenance and  500 concurrent users logs as a charm in the 
domain only with the slave up.

Our architecture is more or less:

PDC     |    BDC1
LDAP virtual IP HA
master  |  slave(s)

but if you don't have an HA system, you can set several servers in the 
smb.conf (or round robin in the DNS) and runs fine: samba and the ldap 
libraries provides reconnection and so...

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