ldb and OpenLDAP, *DON'T PANIC*

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Sat May 21 19:19:02 GMT 2005

lør, 21.05.2005 kl. 19.55 skrev Volker Lendecke:


> Second: I see *NO* way at all that Samba 4 can get away without a 100% Samba 3
> compatible LDAP backend. You might end up with less features than with a
> converted DSE, but you will definitely get a smooth migration path. If it's
> not there when Samba4 is initially released, very soon after that there will
> be one.

Ah. Thanks. Very much. Since I don't yet know what converting my DSE
would involve, I can't comment. But the fact must surely be, that there
are thousands of Samba sites out there that discovered and implemented
LDAP long before they discovered Samba and adapted Samba to their DSEs,
as I did.

LDAP must always come first, Samba's implementation of it second. If one
had to go and one remain, then at my sites it would be my LDAP
implementation that remains. All (many in number) of my Unix services
are utterly dependent on it. As I wrote somewhere else , I find it
utterly brilliant that the Samba LDAP binary utilities (not idealx) can
cope with what I already have in such a flexible manner and so readily
be incorporated into my own shell scripts.

Now you've set my mind at rest, I shall unsubscribe ;) I'm a sysadmin,
not a programmer ...


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