spoolss.idl VS spoolsv.idl

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Sun May 8 22:29:49 GMT 2005

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Kyle W. Cartmell wrote:

> After reviewing the diagram at the top of
> http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/graphics/hh
> /graphics/splarch_6aecc065-5eb8-4145-9081-c7418a466710.xml.asp 
> I was surprised to find that rather than finding a
> reverse engineered spoolsv.idl in the Samba source tree to
> accept RPC messages from winspool.drv and win32spl.dll,

Kyle,  First off the IDL is not reverse engineered.  It is
obtained via network analysis.  While seeming pedantic, there is
a subtle difference.

> I found spoolss.idl which according to the documentation
> should be called by spoolsv.exe after processing messages 
> from the client. Perhaps this is only true for local printing
> or the documentation is completely incorrect? Can anyone help
> me understand the reason for this?

I'm not a driver guy and the diagram doesn't show up in firefox
on linux (probably an IE thing) so I can't comment specifically
on that.  But IIRC the winspool.drv and win32spl.dll layers can
intercept the spooler calls at the win32 layer but eventually
thunk down to calling the functions in spoolsv.exe.
The spoolss calls are when we see on the wire between a Windows
print client and print server.

cheers, jerry
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