spoolss.idl VS spoolsv.idl

Kyle W. Cartmell kyle at blindgoblingames.com
Sun May 8 19:05:56 GMT 2005



            After reviewing the diagram at the top of
/graphics/splarch_6aecc065-5eb8-4145-9081-c7418a466710.xml.asp I was
surprised to find that rather than finding a reverse engineered spoolsv.idl
in the Samba source tree to accept RPC messages from winspool.drv and
win32spl.dll, I found spoolss.idl which according to the documentation
should be called by spoolsv.exe after processing messages from the client.
Perhaps this is only true for local printing or the documentation is
completely incorrect? Can anyone help me understand the reason for this?


            Thank you in advance!

            - Kyle


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