Python framework for managing Samba3

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Thu Jun 30 13:39:40 GMT 2005

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I've added some files to the lorikeet/sangria directory.
This is a basic smb.conf parser that I wrote a long time
ago when I was learning python.  But it works well enough
for an 'addshare command' script.  So let's use that as a
starting point.  There's a lot of room for improvement.

The one thing I really don't like currently is the
autogenerated file.  See if you can some
up with some better ideas on how to deal with that.
You find all the gory details of smb.conf parameters
in source/param/loadparm.c in the SAMBA_3_0 svn branch.

The first things I think we need to outline is a set of
common administrative tasks that will act as tests cases
for the framework.  The test cases we define up front will
act as the success criterea for the framework at the end.
Right now let's focus on getting the underlying framework
correct and then we can make the tools more accessible
later on.

So what I'd like to see from you say by Monday would be
a review of the current code, what are its deficiences,
how can it be improved, ideas for other admin tasks and
how we would layout some type of object heirarchy.

cheers, jerry
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