socket interface to winbindd

Alexey Toptygin alexeyt at
Tue Jun 28 16:44:21 GMT 2005

Some followup questions now that I'm actually coding this:

a) Is it OK to send YR, get TT, and then send YR again? I want several 
authentications in parallel, so I have a pool of helpers; basically, I 
want to be sure that it's OK for someone to get a chellange, then realize 
the HTTP client closed the connection and return the helper to the pool 
without doing some kind of additional cleanup.

b) Is there some alternative helper mode where I don't have to hold on to 
the helper between getting a challenge and doing the actual 
authentication? It would be much easier for me if I could just store the 
challenge and return it together with the client response, potientially to 
a different helper process. This seemed to be possible with the socket 
interface, but I was the one generating the challenge in that case...


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