samba 4: a new configuration system?

Tim Potter tpot at
Thu Jun 23 01:44:53 GMT 2005

On Wed, 2005-06-22 at 23:41 +0200, Sebastien Estienne wrote:
> hello,
> I was wondering if samba 4 will have a different configuration file
> format, maybe something with  an Api to ease writing configuration
> gui.

I don't think that issue has been resolved yet but I am guessing that if
the configuration file format is changed it will involved ldb somehow.

> I asked this because i wrote a little gui to integrate file sharing
> deep in gnome nautilus:
> I'm using d-bus to make the link between the gui and a deamon that
> modify (add/remove share) from a file included by smb.conf.
> I read on the mailing list that samba 4 will have a built in webserver
> for configuration purpose, do you plan to provide some kind of
> "webservices" api (xmlrpc/soap)?

Again, I don't think a decision has been made about this but I think
it's a neat idea.  It should not be too hard to write some ejs that
converts HTTP GET or POST requests into calls to Samba's server side

Is there any reason you think xmlrpc or soap would be preferable to
plain old HTTP?  I guess that returning structured data (e.g lists of
users etc) would be easier using soap.

> I think having a some kind of programming Api to configure samba would
> be great and ease it's integration in desktop os.

Yep.  A web services kind of API would be the best I think it has a very
low barrier to entry.

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