Machine accounts > 8 characters on AIX

Steve Williams steve at
Wed Jun 22 20:31:18 GMT 2005


I cringe as I post this to "tech"...

AIX supports user names a maximum of 8 characters in the user account.

I am trying to plan a migration from a "workgroup" environment to one
where Samba on AIX 4.3 will be a PDC.  I have Samba 3.0.14a running and
functioning (in a test) as a PDC when the machine names are < 8 characters
(room for the $).

I have written a small C program to test that the operating system
libraries (getpwnam) can access names longer than 8 characters when they
are manually entered in the passwd file using "vi".  Everything seems to
work fine.

Does anyone have an idea if Samba is going to work properly when the
machine accounts entered in the password file are longer than supported by
the operating system (AIX 4.3).

Alternatively, is it possible to use the "username map" to map windows
machine names to shorter Unix names?

#include <pwd.h>
 struct passwd *p;

  if (!(p=getpwnam("this_is_a_long_name"))) {
    printf("could not find \"this_is_a_long_name\"\n");

  printf("Got: [%s]\n", p->pw_name);

Steve Williams

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