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Thu Jun 16 19:40:24 GMT 2005

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Christoph Klein wrote:

> I've appplied to google's "summer of code" programm, to write 
> a more windowish implementation of acls for samba and linux,
> with you as my mentoring organisation.

Chris, do you mean implementation a new ACL model for an existing
Linux filesystem ?  Or do you mean implementing a new mapping
of Windows ACLs onto file system acls?

> Is there a tool avaible that does stress tests on smb servers 
> including setting, altering, removing ACLs and that checks
> if these are properly enforced? Can smbtortute do that?

There were some acl tools from bind view IIRC.  There's some in
the smbtorture tool (in Samba 3 and 4).  And you can always
write a win32 test application that does this.  If you cant to
look at it from the unix client side, maybe the source for smbcacls
would be a good place to start.

> I think i've raed somewehre on this list, that samba uses 
> some tool to check source code automatically to enhance
> code quality. Is this the case and where can i get this tool?'s pretty much based on peer review. :-)
Valgrind is a great tool for checking for memory leaks
and similar issues.  But that's a run time tool.

Or maybe everyone has a tool I don't know of :-)

cheers, jerry
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