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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Jun 14 02:08:03 GMT 2005

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James Roper wrote:
> Hi,
> I saw that one of the ideas for Google summer of code is new 
> VFS modules for samba.  Although I'm not a student anymore, and
> so can't apply, I'd be interested in knowing what functionality
> is wanted/needed, I'm thinking of giving it a go.


It's kind of open for interpretation and your own creativity.
Here are some examples that Jeremy and I thought up:

* support for user space file system replication using
librsync.  (caveat: librsync is not wire compatible with
rsync 2.x apparently and I have no idea as to the state
of the library).

* support for utilizing some type of SCM backend for
maintaining the history of files on share.

* A "snapshot" based filesystem that can keep regular
backups of files automatically based on filename extension
E.g. vfs_snapshot:mirror = /*doc/*xls/ would backup work
and excel files.  This VFS would create 2 files on a
"create" event, then write into both on every write call
and then decide how to archive the mirror "backup" file
on close.

We had several students interested in working on VFS related
projects.  I have no idea what the final number of students we'll be
able to handle (or google will fund for us) will be.

btw...The response to summercode05.html has been pretty interesting.
In fact, so much so that I've pretty much decided that we need to
maintain a projects page year round to give people ideas on things
that we would like to see but will probably not have the time to
do ourselves.  The core features are constantly undergoing change
anyways so its better for active developers (core or not) to handle

It's bound to be an interesting summer.  SO far I think google has
had close to ~45 applications for Samba related projects and
we still have the last 24 hour rush period until the deadline.

cheers, jerry
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