[Performance] Samba 3 vs. Samba 4 performance in NetBench

Andrew Tridgell tridge at osdl.org
Sun Jun 12 09:15:15 GMT 2005


 > Are you not seeing all of these? If not, maybe it's a bug in the
 > spreadsheet software you're using.

nope, its a bug in the user who doesn't know enough about spreadsheets :-)

I've had a look at the detailed numbers now, and still can't
understand whats happening. One puzzling thing is that the "engines
participating" looks wrong in a lot of cases. For example, for the
dm_60_clients load, only 55 clients participated with Samba4, whereas
Samba3 had 58. Why weren't both 60?  Did you use exactly the same load
file for both runs? If you did, then I wonder why NetBench didn't show
an error for one or both of them.

Have you had a chance to try BENCH-NBENCH with the scripts I sent you?

Any chance to get a sniff of the 1 client cases with oplocks and attrs

Cheers, Tridge

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