CUPS interaction (authentication with LIBCUPS)

Dr. Uwe Meyer-Gruhl f+samba at
Sun Jun 5 16:22:01 GMT 2005


there is a problem with SAMBA interacting with CUPS: Alas, in CUPS, 
there is no way to discriminate with regard to authentication between 
different input feeds (e.g. IPP vs. commandline vs. LIBCUPS). So, if 
somebody secures his IPP server, he cannot print via SAMBA any more, 
since there is no way that SAMBA can be configured to send the 

Although one can argue that this is CUPS's fault, this could be solved 
in SAMBA if a "cups user" and "cups password" were introduced into 
smb.conf and used in the LIBCUPS callback (source/printing/print_cups.c):

static const char *                /* O - Password or NULL */
cups_passwd_cb(const char *prompt)    /* I - Prompt */
     * Always return NULL to indicate that no password is available...

    return (NULL);

Kind regards

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