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On Fri, Jun 03, 2005 at 01:10:43PM +1000, Andrew Tridgell wrote about 'management of Samba4':
> So, how can we put together a framework for gathering this type of
> information while meeting the above goals? I'd like to propose the
> following:

>  - using our smbd messaging layer (the one based on unix domain
>    datagram messages) as the basic transport. 

>  - add a NDR encoded layer on top of this transport

>  - use IDL to write the structures that will be accessible, allowing
>    pidl to generate the marshalling/unmarshalling code for these
>    structures.

>  - use the pidl ejs backend that jelmer has started on to provide
>    interfaces to these functions from ejs

>  - add the ability to broadcast a message to a class of smbd tasks
>    (for example, to all smb_server tasks).

> I know this sounds a bit like reinventing the ncalrpc transport, but
> it isn't quite. For a start, ncalrpc is over connected stream sockets,
> whereas I want to use unix domain datagrams as otherwise we will run
> out of file descriptors when getting results from 1000 smbd
> processes. Plus, I don't want to have to setup a full rpc server in
> each smbd task, instead I want code to be able to do something like:

>   smsg_register_handler(SMSG_LIST_OPEN_FILES, my_function);

> in source/ntvfs/posix/vfs_posix.c and have my_function() be called
> with the unmarshalled structures all setup, and be able to send reply
> data by filling in the .out sections of the passed structure.

> It will really be more like a ncadg_ interface, but without any of the
> bind stuff and with awareness of smbd sub-tasks and how to talk to
> them.
Can't we just implement ncadg ? We could have a 
ncadg_unix_sock or perhaps a ncadg_samba (that
would use the messaging code) . That would allow us to use
the current testsuites and allow gathering data using even 
Windows or programs based on FreeDCE. Also, it would allow the use of 
the current pidl-generated ejs wrappers.


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