usrmgr retrieves only 511 users

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Sat Jul 30 01:01:35 GMT 2005

Hi Donald,

On Fri, Jul 29, 2005 at 02:42:29PM -0700, Donald W Watson wrote:
> I am running samba version 3.0.20rcl-SVN-build-8475 on SLES9.  I have an
> NT4 domain with 5000+ users whose data has been vampired to a samba ldap
> backend on the SLES9 machine.
> With the NT4 domain active and the samba domain inactive, joining the
> domain on Windows2003 using "usrmgr.exe->User->Select Domain" shows all
> 5000+ users; however, with the samba domain active and the NT4 domain
> inactive, the same command shows only 511 users.  When I debug the samba
> code, it appears that there are insufficient calls (4) to
> pdb_search_entries to retrieve all the users.  Can anyone comment?

Yes, there was a bug in the vampire-utility which is already fixed in
latest Subversion (and in 3.0.20rc1-release).

If you can, please revampire these accounts with a recent build (e.g. ) or verify by hand
that all user-accounts correctly have the sambaAcctFlags-attribute set.

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