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tridge at tridge at
Tue Jul 26 23:36:40 GMT 2005


 > I'd rather not have a function an structure by the same name.
 > That get pretty confusing and in fact I think tridge had a technical
 > reason for not doing so in Samba 4.  For example,
 > int cac_LsaOpenPolicy(CacServerHandle *hnd, struct cac_LsaOpenPolicy *op);

Samba4 has quite a few functions with the same name as structures,
though I agree that its a bad idea. The main reason I don't like it is
some code navigation tools like etags have trouble, so when you click
on a function call you don't get taken to the function definition, you
get taken to the structure definition.

It's one of those little annoyances I've been meaning to fix in

Cheers, Tridge

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