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Tue Jul 26 03:48:38 GMT 2005


 > Which C99 compatible platforms does it not work on?  I was planning
 > to check out how well this flew on the build farm but you reverted
 > it before too long.

We have a autoconf test for whether the platform has a C99 snprintf
call. Lots of our supported platforms fail that test, in which case we
replace snprintf using lib/replace/snprintf.c

The code in lib/replace/snprintf.c does not support the PRIu64

So, this code would break all platforms that fail our current snprintf
configure test, plus on all platforms that don't have the extension.

 > Yes although by this stage it's starting to be a lot of work just to fix
 > a couple of warnings.  (-:

perhaps the simplest change would be to add:

#ifndef PRIu64
#define PRIu64 "llu"

to lib/replace/replace.h ? That should allow us to use it on all
platforms, and should work with our replacement snprintf code (as it
will just see a %llu format).

Cheers, Tridge

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