Windows XP BROWSER lookup and election requests

Tom Alsberg alsbergt at
Wed Jul 20 06:21:29 GMT 2005

Slightly offtopic question here:

We have many Windows XP hosts on subnets other than that which Samba
is running on.  They all have (get from DHCP) the Samba server as
their WINS server and NetBIOS node type P-node (peer-to-peer, no

Yet still, BROWSER election and lookup requests for other workgroups
are sent by them to the broadcast address of their local subnet.
Sometimes some program running tries to repeatedly browse all
workgroups, which causes the machine to send excessive broadcasts
(nothing big, about 1 per second, but we try to minimise broadcast
noise on the network).

Is it possible to somehow cause the Windows machines to send BROWSER
requests for other workgroups also only to their defined WINS server?
Sort of making Samba the sole NetBIOS name server and browse master
for everything?

  -- Tom

P.S. Is it also possible (without changing the code) to convince nmbd
somehow to discard all domain/workgroup names other than its own when
advertised to it, so that 'smbclient -L <server>' (and thus also all
requests from workstations to the server) will only show/return the
configured domain/workgroup names?

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