"Incorrect function" error dialog at domain login on Windows XP Pro SP2 client

Dusty Wilson kaasomelet at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 05:42:09 GMT 2005

I was referred here by the fine folks of #orlug and, by proxy, Tridge.
 Thanks shiruken for helping me this far.

The symptom:

- When logging in to the domain at a workstation, an error message
appears: "Windows cannot load the user's profile but has logged you on
with the default profile for the system.\n\n DETAIL - Incorrect
function."  It happens on all clients and all users at all times.

What happens:

- The profile loads anyway.  It seems that it gives the error for no
reason and keeps going on its merry way.
- The profile saves just fine on logout.

The hints collected:

- "<tridge> its probably that a automatic update of xp changed a code
path to use a rpc function that samba3 doesn't support"
- "getpeername failed. Error was Transport endpoint is not connected\n
Denied connection from ("

The environment:

- Samba 3.0.13
- Linux hera 2.4.31-grsec #3 Sat Jul 2 12:24:06 PDT 2005 i686 unknown
unknown GNU/Linux
- 7 workstations, all Windows XP Pro SP2, fully patched
- 3 Apple OS X of varying flavor, but that doesn't matter for this
issue as they are working well.
- Never had a problem with Samba until this month.  Have been
successfully running Samba for about three years.
- Have not modified the installation of Samba since the upgrade to 3.0.13.
- We are on a domain.
- Samba is being used as the PDC on the domain.
- We have no BDC.
- We have no Windows servers on the network.
- We have no other Samba installations on the the network.
- The filesystem is mounted at /data.
- The filesystem is ReiserFS.
- The filesystem is running on a RAID-1 array.

Attached are:

- smbd.log (level 10 - the user to watch in this log is "david"
connected from "ulysses /")
- smb.conf

I can take a screenshot if it would help, but I doubt it would, so I didn't.
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