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Michael David wrote:
> Dear samba-technical at samba.org,
> Thanks for your email, but at this point I have NOT actually received
> your message because I have implemented a challenge-response based
> anti-spam solution.  Before I can receive your message, please visit
> the following URL and follow the simple instructions.  Once you do
> this, I will receive the message you previously sent - and ALL future 
> messages. You will not have to do this again.
> http://deimos.mars.totalopm.com:8081/?key=84436343.42cdc495.10138fdd
> If the above URL does not appear all on one line, please copy and 
> paste it into your browser's address bar.  If you do not visit the 
> above URL within 7 days, your message will be deleted 
> and I will not be able to receive messages from you in the future.
> PLEASE NOTE: If you receive an error message when attempting to
> visit the above URL, it is very likely that your network is not
> allowing you to visit my confirmation page.  If this is the case,
> contact your network administrator for help.
> I apologize for this small one-time inconvenience, but I have been
> forced to implement this challenge-response based anti-spam solution
> to eliminate the massive amount of spam I receive each day.
> Thank you,
> Michael David

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