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Michael David michael at michaeldavid.com
Fri Jul 8 00:11:08 GMT 2005

Dear samba-technical at samba.org,

Thanks for your email, but at this point I have NOT actually received
your message because I have implemented a challenge-response based
anti-spam solution.  Before I can receive your message, please visit
the following URL and follow the simple instructions.  Once you do
this, I will receive the message you previously sent - and ALL future 
messages. You will not have to do this again.


If the above URL does not appear all on one line, please copy and 
paste it into your browser's address bar.  If you do not visit the 
above URL within 7 days, your message will be deleted 
and I will not be able to receive messages from you in the future.

PLEASE NOTE: If you receive an error message when attempting to
visit the above URL, it is very likely that your network is not
allowing you to visit my confirmation page.  If this is the case,
contact your network administrator for help.

I apologize for this small one-time inconvenience, but I have been
forced to implement this challenge-response based anti-spam solution
to eliminate the massive amount of spam I receive each day.

Thank you,

Michael David

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