net rpc vampire performance

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Wed Jul 6 21:11:49 GMT 2005

Stefan and Don,
I've committed a version of Don's code to svn.  Please take a look.  Some
changes I made:
 - Removed a number of index parms sent to functions, where a full array+an
index was passed in, when really we only wanted that one indexed item from
the array, and instead only sent the array element itself.
 - eliminated the smb.conf structure, since much of this just duplicated
the existing smb.conf parms.
 - simplified the "ldif_file" filename logic (removed allocation/free,
since we already have the data and just can reassign the pointer to the
appropriate name)
 - Added help text in "net rpc help vampire"

Stefan, do you think you could autodetect the xml libs instead of requiring
the extra ./configure parm?

Changes I'd like to see still:
 - Improve the parsing of the commandline...perhaps pull "ldif" "xml" and
"help" out one level and pass in a la the net command table functions.
 - Better detection of suffix parms...right now you can get some funky
output if your "ldap suffix" is included in your "ldap user suffix" parm,
for example.  We already can handle this in smbd, so it should be possible
here too (in fact, the user records themselves work just fine, it's only
the containers that get hosed).
 - elimination of the "cat" command in the code...perhaps we can be smarter
about how we process the deltas and do all the adds first, then all the
modifies, so we don't have to concatenate separate output later

I didn't think these were enough to stop inclusion in the source tree,
because they don't break any existing code and don't take you out of just might hit a bump or to on the way.  However, I've
been able to do some migrations that took 8+ hours in just 5 minutes using
this code.

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